Our patients reviews

Thank you Dr Regina for Helping and Trying leading to Importance of Mindfulness on my own thought and mind up and kind advise helping stay healthy.... Thank You Dr Regina Wonderful Stuff always follow through and kindness , I Trully Appreciated You "CARE" !!

Ms N.

i felt very understood and like my mental health finally mattered.

Alondra D.

Great staff helpful kind always trying to help. Dr. Regina help my son on first visit did more in one visit then other dr. That was seeing my son for 2 yrs .

Quentin C.

TK TruZe

Jitho Light

Very Kind and Loving

Tiki dave

Dr. Dizon asks thought provoking questions and made a wonderful suggestion to me to be able to continue to honor my son’s life.

Linda W.

Appreciated the intentionality and thoughtfulness that went into examining. It was gentle, understanding, and informative. Excited to continue treatment.

Daisha M.

Honestly they don't even answer the phone or their texts... website says ur open Friday and don't close till 5pm but no answer? Couldn't answer the day before either. Never responded to my text?... I get it can get busy but wow....very discouraging. Sucks to really need the help and literally everyone who advertises help. Doesn't help. No answer. No call back. No response.

Elihja Reyes

I'm Very Happy, I can Sleep

David W.

Regina was very knowledgeable and put my mind at ease. I’m going through a very difficult time. She has been most helpful. I’m hopeful a solution is coming soon.

Michelle M.

I'm thankful for you taking your time too help me and others thank you.

Patience M.

very understanding and easy to talk too.

Annemarie C.

Pleasure to work with

Bruce C.

Christine Hernandez