What is TMS?

TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) is a noninvasive treatment used to stimulate nerve cells in your brain responsible for mood control. It delivers repetitive magnetic pulses to these cells, easing symptoms of depression, PTSD, or other mood disorders. Your Karma Doctors & Associates provider may recommend TMS if other mental health treatments haven’t worked.

What are the benefits of TMS?

Some of the benefits you can expect after undergoing TMS sessions at Karma Doctors & Associates include:

  • Mood improvements
  • Better sleep
  • Less depression
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved quality of life
  • No downtime, pain, or side effects

TMS often takes less than an hour to complete, making it an excellent lunchtime treatment.

Is TMS right for me?

Your specialist lets you know if you’re a candidate for TMS after reviewing your symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle habits. They complete a physical exam, check your vital signs, and ask a series of questions about your thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns. You may need a blood test or another diagnostic test to detect or rule out underlying medical problems.

What happens during TMS treatment?

During each TMS treatment, you relax in a comfortable reclining chair and may wear earbuds. Your specialist places magnetic coils against your scalp and emits painless electromagnetic energy into targeted nerve cells. You often hear clicking sounds or feel tapping, followed by pauses throughout your treatment. It could last about 40-60 minutes. You remain awake during the procedure and can resume normal activities afterward.

What should I expect after TMS sessions?

For the best results, the Karma Doctors & Associates team often recommends a series of TMS treatments. You might complete TMS sessions daily, five times a week, for 4-6 weeks. Over time, the symptoms of depression or other mental health conditions should improve or disappear entirely.

Your mental health provider could recommend additional mental health treatments in addition to TMS, such as counseling, dietary supplements, meditation, lifestyle changes, or other natural remedies. They follow up with you periodically to ensure your treatment works the way it’s designed and make changes to your regimen if necessary.

To learn more about TMS and find out if it’s right for you, call Karma Doctors & Associates or schedule an appointment online today. To learn more and book an appointment please visit Karma TMS.


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